Government of Nepal

Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation

Nepal Water Supply Corporation

Who is Who

  • Dr. Bhuphendra Prasad
    General Manager

    Office:4263623 Ext No: 105
  • Mr. Ishwar Prasad
    Deputy Manager
    Chief Engineering Division
    Office:4263623 Ext No: 105
  • Mr. Tridip Kumar Shrestha
    Assistant Manager
    Chief Corporate Service Division
    Office:4251370 Ext No: 106 / 110
  • Mr. Ramakant Pandey
    Assistant Manager
    Chief Internal Audit Division
    Office:4262259 Ext No: 108
  • Mr. Ram Sharan Rayamajhi
    Assistant Manager
    Chief Finance Division
    Office:4259758 Ext No: 107
  • Mr. Ramesh Kumar Maskey
    Acting Assistant Manager
    Chief Human Resource Division
    Office:4251370 Ext No: 106
  • Mr. Ratna Pd Rajbanshi
    Chief Central Store
    Office:4212400 Ext No: 101
  • Er. Mohan Datt Bhatta
    Chief Planning and Design Section
  • Mr.Kamal Thapa Chhetri
    Assistant Officer
    Chief Legal unit
    Office:4251370 Ext No: 106
  • Ishwar Prasad
    Information Officer